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Three voices, three ideas, three opinions

Podcast Host Jerrie Dean is retired federal law enforcement and the founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty. Jerrie has done radio, newspaper and TV interviews with the LA Times, Fox News, etc. and local TV news stations all over the U.S., and appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Investigative Discovery show “Happily N’ever After” as an expert. Jerrie was the host of her own Missing Persons segment for East County Magazine on KNSJ radio in San Diego. She has done freelance journalism for The Examiner, EHow, and her own blog. She does contract work for TV/Film Production Company’s in developing of TV and documentary ideas and production research.

Sarah Bloch is a freelance communicator who helps monitor the Missing Texas Forty Facebook page and has a B.A. degree in Journalism and Speech. All three have a passion for discussing cases about the missing and about crime.

Stacey Smith is a former teacher who now co-owns a contracting construction business and has a B.S. degree in Psychology and Sociology.

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