Behind the scenes on the Greenwood case

Our goal at Crime Time is not to only give you shows about trending crime and missing stories but also to do investigating and research on stories you may not have heard before. By using social media and tips for sources we are able to give you information on stories that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Currently we are working on the Greenwood story. David Greenwood was arrested when a body was found on his property. Click here to read the full story. While working on the story we suspected (and was later confirmed by sources) that the David Greenwood arrested was also the same David Greenwood that admitted, along with his brother, William, to murdering Lucille Deborde, 14, and Diana Rose Hall, 30, in 1978. Since the story ran we have received more information from sources that wish to not be identified.

We did a podcast on that story, which including reading the letter we received from the Greenwood family. After that show we received more information from sources that also wished to not be identified. With that we have realized there is much more to this story that the public knows and the public should be aware of it all and are intentions are to develop the story to share with you.

This will take time and we appreciate your patience as we develop the story.

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