Rodney Reed

When we first reported on Rodney Reed on our podcast, it seemed liked no one knew about the story and frankly it is one of our lesser listened to shows. Regardless, it was an important subject to talk about as the more we investigated it the more it seemed unlikely that Rodney was involved, or at least there were too many things that happened that made it appear he was railroaded. We all became a little panicky as the days rolled by and all of the sudden we were in the month of October and nothing. Then Dr. Phil got involved.

Dr. Phil will be doing his show on Rodney Reed, October 10 and 11th. Finally, Dr. Phil will be able to bring attention to this case like no other. You can go to Dr. Phil’s Facebook page and see his posts on Rodney Reed that he personally has done.

We believe that the fact that Dr. Phil is backing Rodney Reed says a lot. He posted a video on his Facebook page where he stated the Innocence Project reached out to tell them about Rodney.

We will be hosting a Watch Party Today and Tomorrow and invite you to come watch. You can go to this link and show your interest and also watch the show starting at 2:45 p.m. central time.

You can also listen to our podcast on Rodney by clicking here.

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